Top 10 Most Ridiculous Deaths In History

In what way do you prefer to die? Go, needless to make this head! We just want to know if you prefer to die in silence and discretion! Or if like all the following people, you prefer the burlesque, caricature, funny, even … ridiculous way.


Anyway, you risk having some competition in the field of the most stupid death. If you’ve always dreamed of receiving a prize, you can always test the ” Darwin Award “, but to get it, it’s better to die funny. A stupid death but famous all the same. These unusual deaths are not lacking, a list would be too long. But we still selected some just for you. When the living laughs, it is not always fun for the one who dies. Though….



10. Too much dessert!


The King of Sweden Adolf-Frederic loves great feasts: lobster, caviar, smoked herring, champagne, … And his favourite dessert, “smells”, how to avoid it? He uses it once, twice, … and a 14th! It was one of too much. His majesty dies of indigestion. We must still resist good things because in this case, it is no longer a cute sin! Notice to gourmands …



9. In the garbage


Top 10 most ridiculous deaths in history

It’s never a good idea! A 17-year-old boy in the Moselle fell asleep in a dumpster after drinking too much. The picked bucket goes directly to the grinder. The young man dies in the middle of piles of garbage. Stay away from garbage cans!


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