These Perfectly Timed Photos Are real beauty

Everybody has already established certainly one of individuals moments in existence where something goes horribly, horribly wrong. May it be falling lower a flight ticket of stairs before an enormous crowd of individuals, shedding your small brother or sister on their own mind, accidentally spilling a whole tray of drinks with an unsuspecting customer, or getting a regrettable run-along with an outrageous animal, you have it, it’s awful, but fortunately, you progress past it and barely need to consider it again (aside from individuals dark nights in which you can’t sleep and demand on re-playing every embarrassing factor you have ever done). What about when individuals moments are miraculously taken on film and you are made to revisit them again and again? While it is a rare occurrence, if this happens, it is actually a thing of beauty.


The following photos were taken at the exact right time.


This future eye-patch wearer

That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye

Every time I open a bottle of champagne or stand near a person opening a bottle of champagne I expect this to happen, so this photo doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

It is, however, hilarious.

Every time I open a bottle of champagne or stand near a person opening a bottle of champagne i am afraid of that moment and expect this to happen again, so this picture doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

It is, however, hilarious.



This living statue

She told her nephew that the statue is going to befall at him, he ran so fast and she took the perfect picture of him.

Is it me, or does this picture make it look like the statue has come to life and is trying to squash this poor child by stepping on him?

Also, this is unrelated, but how dapper does this kid look?



This non-photoshopped pic

My friends flash went off and split the picture into two half.
This is what happens when you give your friends your phone to capture picture . This is not an effect, the flash went off and the phone captured it in two half colours.
isn’t it crazy?
Beware of ducks
Never point your finger in front of duck otherwise they will bite you hard. They look innocent but are not.
I have learned this in a very bad way.
The seagull attack 
A perfect picture took by my friend when a seagull attacked on his delicious ice cream. No one would believe if it were not captured by my friend.

This furry friend

My boyfriend took a picture of him while bitten by his little friend whom he was feeding his food. They are not friends anymore.
Demon eyes

No, this woman is not, in fact, a demon.

She simply has shimmery eye makeup on and chose the wrong time to blink.

Still creepy, though.



This fiery birthday

This quick getaway

This miscalculation

Oooouch! That’s going to be hurt.

This photo perfectly represents me like a dog.




This future concussion

Some of you didn’t have a sibling-induced injury that resulted in a concussion when you were a kid, and it shows.

This is the reason I can only remember about 15% of my childhood.



This awesome uncle

Everyone has this kind of uncles who are really funny and do such stupid things.

This well-timed thumbs up

This photo is comedic gold.

A sarcastic thumbs-up is tough to perfect, so this kid is definitely ahead of his time



This soapy slip-up

Who hasn’t been in this same situation when trying to pop bubbles?

You can see the profound regret on her face mid-air.



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