These 10 People have died in a weirdest way

Once Benjamin Franklin said, Death and taxes are only two things in this world that are certain. Even though taxes don’t makes which are more interesting online studying, there is something about dying that’s just morbidly fascinating. Particularly when that death occurs in a weird, totally bizarre, or perhaps frankly amusing way.


Here are the most unusual out there.



Archduchess Mathilda of Austria

In 1874, Mathilda of Austria died after smoking a cigarette. Her father had forbidden the habit, so, upon being caught, she hid it under her skirt, which was set on fire. Mathilda sustained third-degree burns and died as a result.
Mathilda lived in Austria in 1874. She died after smoking a cigarette. Her father had forbidden the habit of smoking, so, upon being caught, She hid the cigarette under her skirt which causes the fire on her clothes and in result she died burning badly.

Clement Vallandigham

In 1871 Ohio lawyer died while defending his client by demonstrating in court how a victim could have accidentally shot themselves. He accidentally got shot himself but his client was cleared of charges.

Henry Taylor

In 1872, A pallbearer in a London cemetery was killed by the coffin he was carrying and crushed badly underneath it. The wife of the deceased reportedly found the incident absolutely hilarious.

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  • December 17, 2019 at 3:54 am

    Great list of events!

    Can you next show a list of the most rediculous selfie deaths?


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