The 10 Fatal Mistakes That You Undoubtedly Commit To Bed

Even the best lovers often make mistakes in bed with women … without even realizing it!

This is the sad truth.

But that does not mean that it must be a fatality FOR YOU!

In this article, you will discover the most common mistakes that men make when sleeping with a woman … And especially how to avoid them to make your girlfriends completely crazy with pleasure.

If you can not make any of these 10 mistakes, you can be sure that your leg-up game will go down in history …


Mistake # 1: Thinking that your girlfriend had an orgasm … (When in fact no!)


You may imagine that your girlfriend or sex toy because she moans with passion, is doing orgasm. Maybe she’s yelling at you, “IT’S GOOD, GO-Y”! But does she really enjoy it?

Open any women’s magazine and have fun counting articles and testimonials that talk about simulating in bed … Warning, that does not mean that your girlfriend or your wife simulates EVERY TIME … But there is a good chance (more than 99%) at least once she did not really get her foot.

The most common scenario? She does not love what you’re doing to her at the moment, but she still encourages you … Why? For you to finish faster!

This does not mean that you are a bad shot, but rather than being able to make women go up to the curtains EVERY REPORT requires a little technique and skill (no pun intended). Fortunately, everything is learned …


Mistake # 2: Do not vary sexual experiences


Many men lacking sexual experience (because they start or stay with the same woman for a long time) tend to forget that women seek to “vary the pleasures” in their sexual practices.

Do not be fooled! It’s not because you change your position once in a while, or you speed up your back and forth that you ” show originality “.

Women like to feel different emotions. Sometimes they will prefer that you take them savagely, sometimes they will prefer that you make them love with sensuality.

If you are dumb as a carp when you sleep with her, if you are not trying to create a strong emotional connection with her, you will be UNABLE to satisfy her body and soul. To have fun, a woman MUST ABSOLUTELY live intense emotions when she sleeps with you.

Let’s take a concrete example:

Women love bad boys because they make them live a whole range of emotions!

It is for this reason that when a woman deceives her companion, she does so very often with a guy a little “bad boy”.

It is not worthwhile trying to become a bad boy in life to give him strong emotions in bed. Just let go a little: a little slap on the buttocks, dirty words, and especially fuck her thoroughly!

Women also crack when a man is sweet and romantic. Think of the number of readers of the 50 Nuances de Gray books or the Harlequin collection with charming princes half-shirtless on the front cover … (Yes, it may seem shocking, but the girls really like to read these books.)

Again, no need to let your hair grow to the shoulders and invest in a sword and cannons, it’s not REALLY that kind of prince charming that women are looking for. But, it is strongly recommended to show you, on occasion, tender and loving in the intimacy of your room by reminding your companion how beautiful she is and how much you love her.

The whole idea is to make her go through a variety of emotions during sex: show her that you are able to dominate her to protect her. Make him live an emotional roller coaster!


Mistake # 3: Forgetting to behave like a MEC


Ask 100 women and they will answer all the same thing: a man must be able to TAKE CONTROL.

You must show that you know how to make decisions and initiatives!

As long as you do it respectfully, your girlfriend wants you to be the LEADER with her in bed: take it, return it without asking him a question, but make him what makes you happy.

Women are programmed to respond positively to strong, confident and authoritative men. Unconsciously she will perceive you as a leader, her protector and a suitable partner to procreate.

Obviously, it’s not a problem to ask her if she likes something … but stay simple. Wait for love to discuss her preferred positions with her: give her a try before letting her decide what she likes or does not do with you.

Be careful, I’m not telling you to treat your girlfriend as your sex slave, but to show manliness and confidence.

When you do this with her, you will be able to try a lot of things in bed that she did not want to do so far. Heaps of guys think a woman is “stuck” if she refuses to do certain things … when in reality she just needs a man who takes it upon herself to guide her. Expect to be surprised by the passion that your girlfriend conceals.


Mistake # 4: Think sex does not matter to her


If you want to know how much women love sex, just think of the cries they make during love. NEVER you will hear a man moan like that.

You may think that your sexual desire is higher than that of a woman because it is you who initiates the report most often.

But as difficult to accept as it may be, recognize that if your partner does not jump on you every time she sees you, it may not be because she does not want sex … but for another reason you surely suspect.

You do not excite him enough!

Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem! I’ll explain how in a moment …


Mistake # 5: Be silent and boring in bed


Have you ever tried to say romantic words and tend to a woman when you sleep with her? No?

If you think you should not say anything when you sleep with a woman, know that women DETEST silent lovers who make love mechanically.


Once again: women want emotion! They want to feel the moment!

Naughty or romantic words are great ways to make your girlfriend live EMOTIONS FORTES. And who says strong emotions say ORGASMS INTENSE!

It’s not your body or the way you move that gives the most pleasure to a woman. The Orgasm with a big O is always triggered FIRST in a woman’s brain, not in their body.

Blow up all his mental impediments by talking to him in a naughty and romantic way. During your intercourse connect with her by the word to make her cum as she never enjoyed.


Mistake # 6: Swapping Gifts Against Sex


There are many men who believe that we women have no sexual desire (and I have already explained to you how false it was), and that sexual favors are obtained in exchange for “gifts”.

That’s why so many men try to seduce women by paying them a good restaurant or offering them gifts.

Let’s be clear, treat us with gallantry: we love it! But never do it with an idea in your head. If you feel the need to “give” gifts to sleep with your girlfriend, be aware that it is PROOF that you do not satisfy her sexually.

A fulfilled and sexually satisfied woman does not need ANY gift to be excited, on the contrary! She will often send you sexy messages, YOU will buy small gifts, and will seek to warm you to sleep with you. You’ll see it!


Mistake # 7: Making preliminaries too short


If I say “preliminary” and you think “part before sexual intercourse”, you make ERROR.

Here’s a good piece of advice: women consider foreplay as an integral part of the sexual act, and not something else!

Let me explain why:

If a man is not always able to have an orgasm DURING the preliminaries THEN a second during the penetration, the women are, they, PERFECTLY CAPABLE!

Imagine that you can ejaculate once during the foreplay without losing your erection and that you can continue to have orgasms throughout the rest of the report. And that the more the preliminaries last, the easier it is to have orgasms during penetration! You too would like the preliminaries to last as long as possible, right?

Well, women can have multiple orgasms during foreplay and penetration. They are therefore right to want to take full advantage of the preliminaries.

Set yourself as a rule of thumb to spend at least as much (if not more) time on preliminaries than penetration. You can never too exciting a woman, the more you will heat, the better part of your legs in the air …


Mistake # 8: Not succeeding to last long enough


This is the most common mistake and this list of mistakes made in bed would not be complete without it … If all the guys know they should not finish their business too fast, very few know how long it takes to last ideally.

After asking about a dozen girlfriends, I discovered that we thought about all the same thing …

If you manage to last about ten minutes, most women will already be VERY COMPLETE.

To be honest, if you have too long (say 30 minutes) your girlfriend may be frustrated not to see you finish, and you may irritate (and I do not speak of his mood).

Afterward, I’m not saying that she will not be happy if you’re ready for a second round after a short break (it’s always fun 🙂) … But if you manage to last at least 10 minutes in the first round, then do trust me, you do not have to worry.


Mistake # 9: Thinking that his bad mood is NORMAL


It’s no secret that women can be much moodier than you men 🙂

But if you are in a relationship with a woman and she is more and more bad mood over time … it’s because you do not satisfy her sexually (hence the charming expression “bad-fucked” ).

As I told you before, even though women show less sexual desire, they love sex and NEED it as much as a man!

To put it bluntly, if you fail to make your girlfriend enjoy … making love to you will end up drunk her.

Imagine that when you masturbate, you never feel pleasure … Very quickly, the thing would lose all interest, and you would be completely jaded and would not want to masturbate at all.

Doooonc …

If you can not make your lover cum, why would she want to continue making love to you?

The answer is simple: she will not want it anymore.

If your partner does not want to make love with you as much as you want, then this is EXACTLY what is happening to her.

Initially, she certainly tolerated sleeping with you because she was very in love. But now that you’ve been together for a while and your sexual intercourse does not satisfy her, it’s a lot nicer for her to take care of her needs by HIMSELF (and this while your back is turned). Therefore, you only make love for special occasions … or when you feel obliged to sleep with you (after a gift or dinner in town).

If you recognize any of these signs in your relationship, take action IMMEDIATELY before things get worse!

And once you manage to climb the curtains SYSTEMATICALLY, not only his mood will be better every day … but it will be she who will come and beg for hot sex!

A good friend of mine – let’s be honest – a real expert on sex told me something that I did not believe at the time … but I’m 100% CERTAIN today:

” If you are the best shot of your life, it does not matter if you live in a tent-like a homeless person … as long as she can make love to you inside! “.

And I have to admit … if a man manages to really make me crazy sexually then I will probably follow him to the end of the world. 🙂

If your girlfriend or wife often starts arguing, refuses her favors, or seems more and more distant “physically”, stop blaming her! Look in the face and realize that you and your inability to sexually satisfy her are the real culprits!


Error # 10: Do not seek help to improve yourself


The best artists know that achieving perfection is a journey, not a destination.
The best athletes never stop training.
Good CEOs do not neglect their business and do not expect it to grow on its own.
And guess what: making love is the same!

To become an unforgettable lover, you must never let yourself be blinded by your pride. Never think that you already know ALL. You may already know a lot but there are always new tips or techniques that will help you progress.

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