Man Created “Traffic Jams” on Google maps using 99 Smartphones

The weirdest thing happened in berlin. One day google maps started showing Berlin streets with massive traffic in different areas at different time. But you will be amazed after knowing that behind all of this one artist was involved.

Artist name Simon Weckert tried the weirdest experiment around the berlin. He rented 99 smartphones and installed 99 sim cards. He put all smartphones in the cart and started walking in the streets. His only mission was to show how much we should rely on technology. 

This experiment was held in last summer but he published this news on google maps 15th anniversary.


Simon Weckert Walking around berlin with 99 phones


Artist Simon Weckert walked around Berlin





The Google maps system detects traffic by number of phones in specific area. If a phone with active location is moving slowly then google maps show traffic and if cellphones are moving in normal speed then google map will show you a green line as a signal of traffic fluency.

After this experiment, Google spokesperson said There are improvement needs in the google map app. We will update these soon.


Simon Weckert Posing with 99 Phones in Berlin streets










Not everyone sees the value of the experiment, but it gave some people ideas


Artist Simon Weckert walked around Berlin People reviews

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