24 Photos that baffled Internet users

Have you ever heard the sentence that says that a good photo is better than a thousand words? This perfectly describes the photos in this compilation. After seeing them, you may have a lot of questions about them. For example, how do you explain that a monkey is chasing a goat while riding a dog. Why does a completely banal dog profit in a bar from a company much better than many attractive and elegant men or why a driver transformed his luxurious Bentley into a huge watermelon. We will try to give you answers, at least to some of these questions.


Boredyawn has gathered for you 24 photos whose authors had the chance to press the button at the right time.



Here’s how the heroes of an action movie managed to escape a gigantic wave

24 Photos that baffled Internet users

“Do you want to know my pet?”

24 Photos that baffled Internet users

A real king defends his castle on any occasion

24 Photos that baffled Internet users

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